Why Reclaimed

The core value of Grain Designs lies in the material we have chosen to work with; our name is an expression of this value. The meaning intended by Grain Designs is that it’s an investigation of the finest details of a single piece of wood, the physical wood grain. However, there is a more eloquent underlying meaning. The investigation of “grain” isn’t just the wood grain suggested above, rather each minute detail such as knots, nail holes, and character marks that tell the story each piece of wood.  Grain is also an ode to our region as North Dakota and even some Grain Designs team members were raised on agricultural roots.

The map illustrates the location of Grain Designs salvage projects and where we’ve sourced reclaimed wood from.  Below the significance of reclaimed wood is explained a bit more in detail


Reclaimed wood has a story

Each piece of furniture we create is composed of materials that existed as something else in it’s previous life. Before a table, it was a granary or before a sliding door it was a barn floor. The history and story behind each piece allows the story of the underutilized structure to live on in another form. The wood from an old school house is given a new life which allows the story and legacy of the abandoned school house to live on for years to come, far beyond the school house walls.  Many of the projects incorporate materials from multiple salvaged buildings which lends to a longer list of character, history, and stories for a single piece.  These unique character marks are visual reminders on each of the projects we create


Reclaimed wood is sustainable

In addition to a storied historical significance, the reclaimed materials also share a story of conservation.  The wood we use embraces a series of words we’ve adopted; reclaim, repurpose, reuse.  We reclaim old buildings that are underutilized, repurpose the material, and reuse it to create our new visions for each piece.  This is a sustainable approach that conserves new growth wood resources often used for furniture craft.   The old wood we reclaim or purchase is structurally solid, full of character, and often still of higher quality than new wood you could purchase today. While its often easier and cheaper to use new, machine cut wood, there’s value and history in reclaimed wood that cannot be replicated.

custom designed office desk with shelves graphic



Designing and building your custom hardwood office furniture with our team is as simple or involved as you’d like it to be. Our architecturally trained designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure a simple, stress-free process from timber to table.


Your home, your family, your size. We’ll create a table that is a perfect fit for your space. Our team will help you identify a unique size for your custom wood dining table that meets your specific needs, requirements, and constraints.


Each custom wood kitchen table is expressive, full of history, and has a story to tell; the story from its life as a former element of a barn, warehouse, or other building. The result is a truly irreplicable piece overflowing with GD character.


No two people are the same, that’s why no two products we make are the same.
Our architecturally-trained designers look forward to working with you to build the piece that fits you.


Co-Founder | Co-Owner | Designer


Co-Founder | Co-Owner | Designer

Jayden Mikkonen

Project Manager | Lead Designer