5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Reclaimed Wood

When you order a piece of custom furniture, the manufacturer may give you the option to make it from reclaimed wood. You might want to learn about some of the advantages of this material before deciding. Discover five facts that you didn’t know about reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Wood Is Stronger Than New Wood

When manufacturers use reclaimed wood in furniture, they use a material that builders once used to create a wooden structure. Because of its prior use, you may think the materials will produce weak furniture. This is not true! Some reclaimed wood is stronger than new lumber. Reclaimed wood from old-growth trees is strong thanks to its thick internal fibers. This will allow your product to last longer than one built from new wood.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Reclaimed Wood

It Gives Access to Exotic Wood

Something else you didn’t know about reclaimed wood is it can give you access to exotic wood. Today, many companies will not use exotic wood from new trees to prevent it from becoming endangered. However, if a manufacturer finds this same material as reclaimed wood, they can use it in your furniture without any issues. That will add to the value and look of your product, which will make it more intriguing.

Using Reclaimed Wood Preserves History

When manufacturers use reclaimed wood, they are not only building a piece of furniture but also preserving history. The wood they use comes from various sources, including factories, barns, crates, and ships. So, when they use that wood again, they give it a second life that reflects its past.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Reclaimed Wood

It Reduces Deforestation

Using reclaimed wood is beneficial for the environment. Whenever a furniture manufacturer uses this wood, they reduce the need to cut down trees and make lumber. This allows the trees to live longer and protects the habitats they grow in. When you choose reclaimed wood for your furniture, you are personally helping the environment.

Reclaimed Wood Cuts Down on Energy Use

Another benefit is that using reclaimed wood helps furniture companies lower their energy consumption. They won’t have to spend as much energy on reclaimed wood as they would cutting, moving, and processing new wood. Conserving these resources is one of the many keys to sustainability.
Now that you know these facts about reclaimed wood, you can make a better decision when buying a wooden product. Contact Grain Designs today if you wish to buy a custom wooden desk and other reclaimed wood products. We can help you make a good impression on your customers with our furniture!

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