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In addition to a storied historical significance, the reclaimed materials also share a story of conservation.  The wood we use embraces a series of words we’ve adopted; reclaim, repurpose, reuse.  We reclaim old buildings that are underutilized, repurpose the material, and reuse it to create our new visions for each piece.  This is a sustainable approach that conserves new growth wood resources often used for furniture craft.   The old wood we reclaim or purchase is structurally solid, full of character, and often still of higher quality than new wood you could purchase today. While its often easier and cheaper to use new, machine cut wood, there’s value and history in reclaimed wood that cannot be replicated.

Globe Grain elevator tear down - stacks of laminated white pine


Like investing in a stock, you know you want to put your money into something stable that will give returns in the future. Investing in your hardwood table, desk, door, etc. should help give you the same returns. While not literally giving you money back, the life of a GD hardwood piece is goin to save you from having to shell out cash for another table after the budget options short life.. Whether it be 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years, with care, our pieces are meant to stand the test of time.

Our wood inventory, while consistently full of white oak, is expansive. We want you to get the custom piece that is perfect for your space. If you take a tour around our productions shop you may find a pallet of black walnut, a corner of white ash, or a stack of hard maple. All this to say, finding the perfect wood and finish for your project is always our end goal.

Skid steer lifting itself up off of Grain Designs dining table


At our roots, we are a woodworking company but we’ve always had an affinity for  metal details in our works. From table bases, to entire table tops, or signs, to cabinet doors. Any way you can think about integrating different metals into a project we have likely given it a try.

Choosing the right metal for each project can is always an important decision. Does this piece require a protective powdercoat? What color works best with the wood choice? Can we highlight the imperfections with a raw finish instead? We want to carefully figure out each of these answers for your project to create the best finished product.

Our metal of choice is typically hot rolled steel for its cost, availability, durability, and color. If you feel your project needs a little individual flare, we’ve also worked with aluminum, stainless steel, expanded metal, and much more. 

Curved reception desk front facade - brushed stainless steel privacy paenl with ebony stained pine top and base and branded blue pipe


Introducing elements in projects that help turn your project from a table into a work of art. Extremely durable and scratch resistant, adding a river pour or flood pour of epoxy is sure to make your piece turn into something truly unique. At Grain Designs, we use EcoPoxy resin but will change type depending on what your project requires.

With the combination of wood and epoxy you get to truly retain as much of the natural character and movement the wood can offer while also greatly increasing the durability of the piece of lumber. Whether you’re trying to include some brand identity into an wood and epoxy conference table, or maybe your favorite team’s color’s into a wood and epoxy bar table for your basement, we can help create a one of a kind piece for whatever your space requires.


Wood and epoxy resin round bar table top - natural unstained elm wood with blue epoxy rivers