A Modern Approach to Sliding ‘Barn Doors’

by Phil Bruckbauer

I’m often asked what my favorite project is that we have built and it’s tough for me to answer.  The challenge and change of pace when trying to execute an entirely new design is enticing and exciting, but these projects also often incur the most frustration and troubleshooting in the building process.  However with the addition of time, you also tend to get past the struggles sustained and see the piece for its design, beauty, and for our own accomplishments in completing the piece.  For all these reasons I have to say my favorite pieces that we have built are the modern sliding doors.  Those details that make a very precise, clean design that may be difficult and time consuming to achieve are what make me appreciate them when they are completed and done well.
Sliding barn doors are commonly rustic in appearance and the designs are modeled after their agricultural predecessors.  ‘Barn doors’ has commonly been used as the catch all term for the functional and beautiful sliding doors that are trending throughout the building industry.  However, if rustic agricultural inspired sliding doors don’t tickle your fancy don’t let the term ‘barn doors’ scare you away.
We’ve had the opportunity to do some truly unique, modern, and even elegant sliding doors.  As I mentioned, some of these doors have become my favorites for their unique details, precision, clean designs, and sometimes even the challenge of creating something new and different.  Below, I’ve highlighted some of our sliding doors that break the rustic ‘barn door’ mold.

Solid Door with Metal Accents and Horizontal Glass

Reclaimed Wood Door with Brushed Metal Accents

One way to add a more modern feel to sliding doors is by adding brushed steel or aluminum accents adds that touch of modern style to the piece in a way that pops unlike your raw steel or black steel hardware.  We use and recommend Rusticahardware.com for high quality unique door hardware.

Solid Contemporary Sliding Barn Doors

Horizontal Slat Sliding Doors with Brushed Steel Hardware

Lighter colored, fully planed woods also tend to offer a more modern look.  In this example the combination of brushed metal hardware, light wood, and a unique horizontal pattern result in a pair of ultra modern and clean sliding doors.

Sliding Barn Door Guide Sample Contemporary Doors

Dark Wood and Raw Steel Entertainment Center Barn Doors

Dark stained wood and horizontal raw steel bands give these unique doors a more industrial feel.  However, they offer a clean look in contrast to a rustic door.

Charred Wood Vertical Seam Sliding Barn Door

Although each of these doors is still built using reclaimed wood, we’ve found different ways to more modern or contemporary spin on the commonly rustic material and ‘barn door’.  The two doors below use reclaimed materials that are a bit more rustic in nature but the use of unique materials and straying from the standard cross brace style sliding barn doors allow both of these doors to be a contemporary or industrial statement piece rather than a rustic door.

Sliding Barn Door with Large Glass Window

Corrugated Metal and Wood Contemporary Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door Guide Corrugated Metal Door
Interested in a sliding barn door for your home?  First, check out our recent blog post, The Sliding Barn Door Guide, that outlines everything you need to know to get started.  Next explore more of our barn door projects and pick your favorite style from our portfolio of work here.  Finally, get in touch with us and tell us about your project using our custom order inquiry form!
Who knows… maybe your barn door will become my next favorite project.

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