Being Mindful

Being Mindful.

by Grant Koenig

Earlier this week I made my bi-monthly trip to Eastern Minnesota with trailer in tow for our restocking of reclaimed wood. I typically take the same two lane highway that bends and winds through the beautiful Minnesota forests and national parks but because of the road conditions I opted for a new route. On my drive I couldn’t help but notice the constant semi traffic that was all carrying the same loads of freshly cut timbers stacked as high as the semi cab.

As I drove on I kept my eyes wide, attempting to find the location or destination for all this material and luckily I managed to find what I was looking for.

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I have spent my fair share of hours cutting and stacking wood at both our lake home and at my grandfathers so I am familiar with a good looking stack of wood but I have to admit these stacks really put me in awe.

As I drove through the endless piles I quickly found the reason for all of this wood and found out that this plant was using all of this material for shipping pallets.

All for pallets…

I wandered around for a few more minutes before heading back to the truck just in time to get out of the way for an incoming semi full of wood ready to be dropped off on the next pile. As I drove away I began reflecting on what I had just seen and more so what the land looks like where all this wood was harvested from.

From the inception of Grain Designs we choose to build out of reclaimed materials because it was something that we saw great value in because of the story it held but also in the fact that we were doing something to support and better the world we live in. Sustainability and the environment are something that we truly value as hunters, fishermen and lovers of the outdoors and it really made me proud to feel that the work we do supports that. This little adventure was a friendly reminder to me that as we continue to grow and evolve it is our goal to be mindful about the decisions we make knowing that what we do truly does have an impact on the world around us.

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