Adding Art Before Art is Hung with Jordahl Custom Homes

by Blain Mikkonen

With the Spring Parade of Homes just around the corner you may be getting anxious to see local builder’s new floor plans, unique details, and the latest trends in the home building industry.  As spring construction heats up with each day’s creeping temperature and home builders prepare for the spring parade, the Grain Designs shop also gets busier.  This post features our collaboration with one of Fargo’s premier home builders, Jordahl Custom Homes.

We’ve been fortunate to work with the Jordahl team on various homes and add our custom pieces.  As a follow-up to our ongoing collaboration we asked the design team at Jordahl a few questions about our partnership; a short Q&A highlighted by photos of their homes showcasing Grain Designs products and some Grain Designs design tips along the way.

Which Grain Designs products do you most commonly include in Jordahl Homes? The most common products we include are sliding barn doors, dining tables, and mantles, but we’ve also worked with Grain Designs for unique closing and house warming gifts.

GD Design Tip:  Are you designing or remodeling your home?  Reference the photo above:  wood, steel, stone, dark cabinets, light floors, gray countertops, white doors, taupe walls, dark dining table… this may seem like too many colors and textures while working through the design process.  However, it’s a common misconception that your colors/textures must all match perfectly.  This Jordahl kitchen/dining area has a mix of colors and textures but they compliment one another to create a very welcoming space.

Why have you chosen to include Grain Designs products in many Jordahl Custom Homes?  The unique pieces add a natural element and interest to a space… No two are the same. They add to the overall design of the home and can tie a whole vision together. We appreciate the quality of the products and the attention to detail on each piece. We also are happy to support local business!

What has the feedback been like from the future homeowners or Jordahl’s clients regarding the inclusion of custom Grain Designs products? Everyone has loved the pieces made by Grain Designs. Like I said, they are great quality and there are no two products exactly the same. It’s fun to add that interest to a new home. It’s like adding art before art is even hung on the walls. These pieces add such interest.

How has your experience been with the Grain Designs team members and what is your feedback on the quality of their products? The guys are great! Whether coming up with custom designs or bringing us samples, they’ve been so great to work with! Definitely a quality product that they produce.

GD Design Tip: Just as the design team at Jordahl mentioned, “unique pieces add a natural element”, and in many cases these natural wood pieces create a statement piece for the home as well.  Contrasting cool, light colored walls with the warmth of natural wood can make a space more inviting while also being a focal point.

GD Design Tip: Are you considering a barn door for your home?  The design team at Jordahl says, “It’s like adding art before art is even hung on the walls.” If so check out our recent blog post “The Sliding Barn Door Guide” for everything you’ll need to know about sliding doors from finding a suitable solution for your home, sizing your door, and even choosing a style.

“It’s like adding art before art is
even hung on the walls.”

Big thanks to the Jordahl Custom Homes team, it has been a pleasure getting to collaborate with you and we look forward to continuing that relationship.  Be sure to check out Jordahl’s homes on the Spring Parade of Homes and keep your eyes peeled for Grain Designs pieces along the way!

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