Denver Transplant Looks to Grain Designs to Fill Vacancy

by Phil Bruckbauer… sort of

(2 min. read)

Eight blogs in two months, following an exhausting two-blog year, leaves a crew of woodworkers at a loss for words. With Bruckbauer on deck, late in the ninth inning, Phil calls in a pinch writer: former college teammate/housemate, and recent Denver transplant, Kyle Kazemi…

“Turns out, a Subaru’s worth of life goods populates about 100 square feet of living space, leaving the remainder of my one-bedroom Fargo apartment empty and echoing. Not wanting to accumulate stuff in an effort to fill space, my shortlist of “provisions to acquire” began with the cornerstone of every common area: eating surface + rump rest. Not wanting to spoil the thrifted/motley ambiance I’d cultivated as a semi-transient tightwad, I looked to my equally Spartan-minded pal, Phlip, Phlipadelphia. I figured Phil, suit salesman turned woodchuck, had transferred his handiness with stringed wood (i.e ukulele, guitar, mandolin) to his current craft; beating around the bush, I wondered out loud “where I might find some scrap wood and nails,” knowing his midwestern generosity would offer the Grain Designs expertise to living room void. He did. We did. We done.”


The Kazemi Table – A Recipe

Nights – 5
Boards – 11
Burritos – 12
Beers – 9
Cats – 3
Glue – 1 bottle
Wood biscuits – 27
Cobbers – 4
Hardware- handful
Stain- liberal dose
1 good waxin’
2 teas

Good Table was brought to you in part by Philip Bruckbauer and Kyle Kazemi, in cooperation with our partners in table talk, John Fraase and Brock Goossens (not pictured).


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