A Fargo Collaboration – Dak the Bison

by Grant Koenig

(3 min. read)

My relationship with Kayla Cote, a Fargo based graphic designer started almost 5 months ago when she reached out to us in search of a way to bring one of her designs to life. Kayla told me that she had been working on a passion project and she was interested in setting up a time to meet and discuss how we could collaborate on her latest design. As an admirer and ‘wanna be’ graphic designer I quickly agreed to meet to see what she had in the works. We sat down and she showed me what she had created.  

Fargo, bison, I was instantly on board. We worked out the initial details and concepts behind what colors we wanted to use, how to create the appropriate contrast and the scale of the piece. We choose to use a special batch of naturally aged silver-grey reclaimed wood to contrast the cool dark blue hues of the raw steel. Kayla also wanted this piece to really make a statement so we went big. 5′ x 3′. The conversations continued over the next few weeks and after finalizing all of the details we got to creating.

The first ‘Dak’ the bison quickly came to life and was proudly hung in the Altaire Medical Spa entry.

Upon seeing the final collaborative creation hung we both quickly realized this wouldn’t be the end for Dak. We got back to work figuring out how we could rework the size and materials to create a piece that could be available to everyone.

Keeping the same considerations in mind we choose to use a similar wood but we wanted to heighten the contrast of the steel so we chose to use a white washed reclaimed wood back instead.

Here is the first look at the new 20″ x 28″ Dak the Bison signs.

There is also another piece I would like to reference that was written by the far more eloquent Marisa Jackels on the Dak creation as well. Kayla and Blain both got a chance to talk with her about the piece and the process in this recent High Plains Reader article.

As we continue to grow and evolve as a business and as designers, collaborations like this one is exactly what makes that growth possible. We are excited to see where Dak will end up and a special thanks to Kayla at Cote Creative for trusting us to bring her digital art to life.



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