Functional Art: FAQ’s About Sliding Barn Doors

One of the hottest design trends from the past couple of years has been the introduction of sliding barn doors into homes and offices. Sliding barn doors are commonly rustic in appearance and the designs are modeled after their agricultural predecessors. ‘Barn doors’ have commonly been used as the catch-all term for the functional and beautiful sliding doors. Doors, like windows, say a lot about your property. By installing a sliding barn door in your office or home, you can make a grand statement to guests and visitors. They provide you with a way to showcase your own personal style, which can be further implemented using modern, contemporary or rustic styles. But before you purchase a barn door, there are a couple of things you should know first.

As with any design trend, it’s common for trends to come and go. We think the sliding barn door is here to stay, although the designs and aesthetics
will continue to evolve. We understand this trend to be one of functionality, efficiency and even artistic beauty. So what is all the riot about? Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions we get about sliding barn doors.

What is the most popular style of barn door?

The most popular style we produce is the Double Z which is one of the traditional barn door styles seen on agricultural buildings. However, we’ve had the opportunity to do some truly unique, modern, and even elegant sliding doors. Some of these doors that break the rustic, barn door mold have become some of Grain Designs favorites to design and build. These alternative door solutions stand out for their unique details, precision, clean designs, and sometimes even the challenge of creating something new and different.

What are the advantages of sliding barn doors?

  • Sliding doors save space by eliminating the room needed for door swings
  • They create a focal point and can make a statement for a home or office
  • Unique doors look great when they’re not in use, so they can be left open and not be in the way
  • They provide a contrast of materials and create interest for a commonly boring and forgotten element of the home
  • The greatest benefit is that a sliding door is so much more than just a door. It is functional art.

Are there any disadvantages to installing a barn door in your home?

  • Barn doors, when open, may block light switches or power outlets. They require enough adjacent wall to roll across.
  • With the door needing adjacent wall space, that wall space becomes tricky to use for art or shelving.
  • Barn doors don’t offer acoustic privacy. This can be problematic if you have pocket doors separating your office or bedroom from the kid’s play space. Not ideal if you’re working or sleeping, but if you’re taking care of the kids, it can be a good thing!

What are the most common rooms or areas for a sliding door?

Although, we’ve installed sliding doors in many different residential and commercial applications, here are some of the most popular areas/rooms:

  • Formal Dining/Entry (Shown below with Split X)
  • Hall Closet
  • Laundry Room (Shown below with Single Z)
  • Theatre Room
  • Master Closet
  • Kitchen/Pantry (Shown below with Split X and built-in Chalkboard)
  • Master Bathroom
  • Offices
  • Commercial and Business Applications – Sliding doors have also been very popular in area business for use in offices, exam rooms, break rooms, conference rooms, and even to make a statement in the reception area.

Is this installation a marriage or a fling?

Barn doors are an exceptional alternative to the typically hinged doors, which is why a lot of folks find them appealing. But if you’re one who likes to consistently change the decor within your property, you should consider all that’s required for the installation of your new barn door. A number of holes will have to be used for the installation of the barn door hardware, which means you’ll have to restore the walls if you decide to remove them down the road. Because of this, having a long-term mindset when selecting your sliding barn door is recommended.

Barn doors can add beauty and function to your home in so many ways. Consider a pantry door, partitioning off the laundry room, concealing your wall-mounted television and more. The barn door craze shows no signs of slowing down. Visit our website to view more custom barn door projects or contact us to get started on your project!

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