Historic Wood Meets Contemporary Design for Financial Advisors

When NorthStar Financial approached the Grain Designs team to create a unique, memorable, and interesting space that goes beyond the standard financial office design, we knew this project was a good fit for our team. With the added requirement of designing and building desks and workstations to fit the individual needs of each user, together we built it.


“Our experience working with the Grain Designs team to design and create custom furniture for our office was nothing short of wonderful. Their talented team listened to and understood our needs, and provided design solutions to fit the workflow of our office and advisors.”

Jon Anas
Senior Financial Advisor, NorthStar Financial Group



NorthStar Financial came to us with the desire to design and build custom desks and ansilary office fixtures to meet the specific needs of each individual advisor. Noting that no two advisors work the same way or with the same tools, we had to make sure the pieces built provided specific amenities. Each office had a different layout and floor plan, meaning we worked with the client to orient our pieces that fit best in each space.


There’s not a project too big, or too small, we can’t handle. Custom built solutions for your commercial space and office maximize your space, increase efficiency and make your customers, clients, and make patrons feel special. Work with the Grain Designs team to create a conference room that inspires, executive offices that impress, and spaces that encourage collaboration.


Our custom solutions for your store will give it the sophisticated touch required to make an impression on your customers. From shelving to custom displays and from check-out areas to dressing rooms, we’ll build solutions that are highly functional, engaging, and efficient.


Custom built solutions in the hospitality industry are no longer a luxury, they’re essential and expected by customers. Let’s build a space that does more than meets their expectations; let’s leave a memorable impression. Together, we can build spaces that make your guests and customers feel welcome and coming back for more.


No two businesses are the same, that’s why we design custom solutions for your business.
Our architecturally-trained designers look forward to working with you on a project that fits your company, brand & space.


Co-Founder | Co-Owner | Designer


Co-Founder | Co-Owner | Designer

Jayden Mikkonen

Project Manager | Lead Designer