How To Decorate With Reclaimed Shelving

Shelving is a staple household decor item that can be functional, decorative, and necessary all at the same time. Whether your style is traditional, rustic, shabby chic, or modern, shelving units come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit any need! 

Their simplicity and functionality have made them extremely popular over the past few years. Whether you need a floating shelf to add some decor to a room, or for the purpose of storage, there’s a shelf for everything. There are some that are perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and even bathrooms. Before you know it, you’re going to be finding items in your home that need to be on a shelf—just as an excuse to buy one of these pretty pieces.

Below are some examples of how you can incorporate creative shelving in your home using reclaimed wood.

Floating Shelves

Functional and pleasing to the eyes, floating shelves are an ideal storage solution when space is at a premium. A range of styles, materials, and colors makes it easy to find a floating shelf that matches your decor

Kitchen Storage

Are you a caffeine addict? Have all of your favorite mugs within arms reach with this decorative shelf. These are absolutely perfect for any kind of kitchen storage you can imagine! Wine glasses, spices, hand towels— you name it! Sturdy shelves provide plenty of room for cases of tea and coffee, a coffee grinder, and any preparation tools you may have.


Why have one shelf when you can have three? With their interconnecting black iron frames, you can turn an empty wall into an eye-catching centerpiece. The hardware on these shelves brings an industrial feel to an otherwise traditional shelf. Black metal pairs well with these rustic wood shelves to create an aesthetically appealing shelf. 

Office Shelving

Don’t let your desk fall victim to clutter in your office. Add some storage with reclaimed floating shelves. Display memorabilia or bring a little bit of decor to an otherwise empty corner.

Custom douglas fir reclaimed wood office desk

Entry Way Organization

It’s certainly easy to lose sight of your entry way floor every once and a while. If you have kids, you definitely know what I’m talking about! Vertical shelving helps keep everything in its place.

Why can’t everything be made from reclaimed wood? It’s sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and so pretty! If you’d like to view more products, head to our website or our Furniture + Mercantile store. 


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