How To Use Signage To Make a Good First Impression

It is important to make a good impression on customers, but they can get a feel for your business before they walk through your doors or even speak to you. The signage that they see inside and outside of your premises can influence their perception of your work. Your signs can express a feeling to them about how you conduct your business. Read below for tips on how to use signage to make a good first impression on your future clients.

Hang a Quality Product

One way to use signage to make a good impression is by making sure that you are using quality signage products. If you hang signage that looks inexpensive or poorly made, it can hurt your business’s image since potential customers may think it reflects the level of service you provide.

Use a well-made, high-quality piece of signage instead. Doing so will give your customers the impression that you will provide the same level of quality in your own services.

How To Use Signage To Make a Good First Impression

Make Your Sign Simple

Another tip for using signage to make a good first impression is to simplify the content on your signs. Although you may offer many services that you could mention on your sign, that does not mean you should list each one.

Putting too many words on a sign can come off as busy or overwhelming. Instead, get right to the point with your signage. If you give them a minimal amount of information that still accurately describes what your business does, you will have a better chance of getting them in the door.

Putting less on your sign may also save you money in the long run. Over time, businesses change. If your company decides to stop offering a service you have listed on the sign, you will need to spend money to remove that information. By keeping it simple, you can eliminate costly expenses in the future.

Think About Your Audience

You should also think about your audience as you write the content for your signs. Know what your potential customers are looking for and try to convey it to them through the words on your signs. You can also look at what your competitors are doing on their signage to see what has made them so successful.

You also have the opportunity to display some personality on your signage. If your customers would appreciate some humor, you can try adding it in. Just make sure that you don’t put in anything you will regret later.

Pick the Right Size

It is also important that you pick the right size for your signage. After all, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a sign and have it be too small for people to see. Instead, make it large enough to catch a customer’s eye.

But it is also important that you do not use an abnormally large sign. For example, if you have a modestly sized storefront, don’t use a sign that will dominate that space. If you use one that is an appropriate fit, your customers will be more confident in your ability to make good business decisions.

Choose the Appropriate Colors

Another visual element of your signage that can make a good first impression is its coloring. Choose hues that will catch the customers’ eye and pull their attention toward your business instead of drab, boring ones that will result in them passing you by. When you use the right colors, the clients will feel impressed by your ability to get their attention.

However, make sure that you do not use too many colors or ones that clash with each other. If you do, you may risk your signage coming off as unappealing or ugly to your potential customers, who will not use your services. Instead, they may think negatively about your judgment.

How To Use Signage To Make a Good First Impression

Use the Right Font

Just as color can play a part in making an impression on the customer, so can the font that you use. The right font can help your signage truly stand out, while the wrong one may cause you to blend in with your competition.

It is also important to make sure that the signage is very legible. For example, try to use bold font for exterior signs since the letters will be easier to read from far away as opposed to entirely cursive ones.

In addition, upper- and lower-case fonts are also ideal in exterior cases since they are easier to read than signs with all capital letters. By following these rules, you will make yourself more attractive to customers.

Consider the Signage’s Location

You should also carefully where you plan to place your signage as you design it. For example, if it goes in front of your building, make sure the signage is in a place where people can see it as they pass by. After all, you wouldn’t want a tree or a street lamp to block your display.

If you need further inspiration, you may want to try walking around your headquarters as if you were a customer. Think about where you would want to see the signs if you were a customer and how they would benefit you. That exercise will help you decide where they should go.

Keep Your Signs Maintained

Finally, it’s crucial to keep your signs neat and maintained. Although you may have chosen to add wood and metal signs because they are durable, that does not mean that you can hang them and not think about them again.

You should wash them and provide repairs when needed. Otherwise, your future customers may believe that you do not take care of aspects of your business and are content to let things become messy or broken. You can deliver a better message to your clients by taking good care of your signs.

The right signage can set the proper expectations for your customers and pique their interest in your business. If you want hand-crafted, custom wood and metal signs for your business and brand, contact Grain Designs. We are ready to help you sell customers on your services.

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