Inspired Home Magazine – Mar/April 2014

Inspired Home Magazine Grain Design Feature 2014Reclaim.Re-purpose.Reuse.
by Dayna Del Val (Inspired Home Magazine)

photography by Zach Davis
When you think about purchasing a new bookshelf, coffee table, dining room table or other piece of furniture, does your mind jump to a certain Scandinavian big-box store? Do you start to strategize which of your friends has a truck you can borrow to make the trek south to bring home said pieces? There’s no doubt that there are some great pieces of furniture for purchase at that store, but what if you want something different from what everyone who has access to a truck can get? Where do you go?

Grain Designs.

Grant Koenig, Blain Mikkonen and Phil Bruckbauer started Grain Designs this past September prednisone 20mg tablets. For Grant and Blain, it was the culmination of master’s degrees in architecture that led them to develop the business plan that became Grain Designs…


Inspired Home Magazine Article on Grain Designs

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