Meet Grant, and Ellie?

If you know of or follow Grain Designs you may know who Grant is, but who is Ellie you ask?

Each unique design curated by Grain Deisgns also gets a unique name to match; Ellie is the modern/industrial steel table and bench set that Grain Designs cofounder, Grant Koenig, is crafting below.




What brought you into this field of work?

When I was kid I learned everything I knew from my dad and grandpa. In high school all the jobs I had were labor jobs, like framing and roofing houses.




What do you most enjoy about it?

The instant gratification. I like to be able to do something and see the result in a quick period of time. Working with my hands is what I am drawn to drastically more than digital mediums.




Tell me about the piece you are working on?

This is one from a collection of three pieces for a client. It is a dining table with a bench and is one of the first designs that Blain and I came up with. It is a little bit different because the top floats on the steel frame, so you can’t see the structure in it. This particular set is a pretty industrial design with the welds being left ground-out and raw. The top is reclaimed heart pine from the floor joists of the 3M building in Minneapolis.




Ellie Dining Table Reclaimed Wood

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