Motivation, Inspiration and Where to Find it.

by Grant Koenig

As young business owners we’ve learned to juggle various responsibilities, work long hours (not always because of an afternoon golf outing), and continuing to create and build new pieces to try and keep the business fresh. I also realize that we are certainly not the only ones in this situation and I think it is safe to assume that everyone else working, in school or retired still face the challenges of staying inspired and motivated. The pursuit of inspiration and motivation is something that is constant for me and although the day to day responsibilities can become daunting and at times a bit like my head is spinning I have found outlets to help keep myself pushing forward. The following resources are a few of my current outlets that help keep me passionate and certainly have become a part of my growth, both in business and personally.

Podcasts – the ever expanding glory of internet talk radio.

I want to say the first podcast I listened to was around 2 years ago but I didn’t truly get into podcasts until about a year ago. My podcast playlists vary from business to interviews to story telling but they are all extremely valuable to me in different ways. The main podcasts I listen to are:

NPR How I built this,

The Tim Ferriss show,

The #AskGaryVee show

and Entreleadership.

Between these shows you can listen to business advice, interviews and inspiring stories from the best and most relevant leaders in the world today. They are an incredible free resource. The other more entertainment based podcasts that I have currently been listening to are S-Town and The Joe Rogan Experience. If you have an upcoming road-trip S-Town will get you through a 7 hour drive in no time.

Websites – My current go to sites are as follows and have everything from Art and Architecture to Design and Music.

My current top 5 are: (viewing them is better than my explanation so if you get the chance click through!)

The other places that I find to really help clear my mind and help get me focused would be on hunting trips to western ND as well as spending time at our family lake home in Minnesota.

There is something really unexplainable about how environment can change your perspective and thought process. When I don’t get a chance to make it out of town I like to work from other locations as well, wether it’s our showroom or a nearby coffee shop. By changing my view throughout the week I feel that it helps keep ideas fresh and continues to create new perspectives and ways of thinking.

In the end for me it’s all about personal growth and the pursuit of knowledge and this is where my mind and energy is currently spent. If you have any recommendations for inspiration or knowledge please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section as well.

I hope there are at least a few takeaways in here for anyone looking for new content to inspire or energize some creative ideas.

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