Why Choose Reclaimed Wood for Your Home

Why choose to use reclaimed wood in and around your home or for your next project? For many people, having wood that’s rich in history and character adds a unique beauty, charm, and story to their surroundings. For some, it’s the conservation element that makes the reclaimed wood their number one choice. Still, others choose reclaimed wood for its durability and strength.

Choose Reclaimed WoodRegardless of the specific reason for opting to use reclaimed wood, it’s human nature for all of us to love trees. They’re all around us! Adding a reclaimed wood piece to your home provides a rustic yet modern look that almost seamlessly connects your living space to the present world and to the past. It also injects a sense of character and a unique story into your space through the use of beautiful wood textures.

In this article, you’ll learn one of the many reasons using quality reclaimed wood enhances your surroundings, whether you’re a homeowner, building contractor, or business owner.

You Have a Love of the Environment

Did you know using reclaimed wood decreases the demand for newly-harvested virgin wood from forests? This helps preserve the countryside rather than deplete it. There are also creatures in the forests to consider. Birds nest in trees. Animals like squirrels eat acorns, and insects feed on the tree bark- not to mention the various species of plants that rely on tree cover and forestation to live. If too many trees are felled, many of these creatures and plants will lose their natural habitats.

Virgin wood involves felling, transporting, and processing the trees, which have a massive impact on the environment. Using reclaimed wood reduces this impact every time it’s used on a project.

Recycle Wood-Reclaimed WoodThink of using reclaimed wood as recycling. That’s truly what it is! Reclaimed wood is the repurposing of old, unique material. When we talk about “reclaimed wood” we’re talking about upcycling wood. This wood has been around for the past hundred or two hundred years and now needs a purpose.

This is just the beginning! Keep a watch on our blog for more reasons to choose reclaimed wood for your next project in your home.

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