“Dormspiration” – Six Tips for Decorating Your Dorm

As much as we’d like to enjoy hot summer months forever, it’s time to hit the books! Your days at college will get extremely busy. From trying to make it to your classes on time, to participating in extracurricular activities, spending time with friends, and prioritizing huge amounts of studying, you want to create the perfect place to sit back and relax in your dorm.

Your dorm space should be somewhere that you can unwind, and somewhere that you’re excited to go back to at the end of the day. Making sure you have your dorm necessities is essential to your creating that comfortable zone.

You’ll be living in your dorm as many as nine months out of the year during your college experience. So, it can be worth taking a little extra time and money to make sure that your space is homey, cozy, and clean. While all of this will involve collaboration with your roommates, there are steps you can take to make your living situation the best it can be in your dorm.

Whether you’re going to live in a dorm for the first time, or you’re a senior looking for some “dormspiration,” check out our best tips for making the most of your dorm.

1. Create a Relaxing Study Zone

While you can’t add a nice, relaxing spa to your dorm room, you can make some simple design choices that can help you de-stress after a long day of classes! Create a cozy and inspiring zone for late night studying and relaxation.

2. Stimulate Your Senses

Scent has a powerful effect on our emotions. That’s why so many people light candles to create a relaxing atmosphere and why aromatherapy is a popular stress busting activity. Consider candles (if allowed) or other aromatherapy products to freshen up your dorm and your day.

3. Space is limited; Use Vertical Storage

Make use of vertical storage to decrease clutter and open floor space. If you try to put everything on the floor of your dorm room, you will end up having an unorganized space with very little room to walk around and get dressed. To offset the small amount of floor space, think vertically for storage! Wall shelving or tall bookcases can be multi-functional places to store your books and necessities.

4. Bring the Outside, In.

Residence halls and dorms often lack color and natural light which can feel institutional. Since you can’t paint the walls, bring a little color into your dorm room! Something about plants is undeniably calming and have the ability to liven up a dull space. Plants and greenery (even if it’s fake) will make your dorm room more inviting and bring the outdoors, inside.

5. Make it your Home.

Feeling a bit homesick is completely normal when you arrive at college, especially during those first few weeks. Don’t leave it all behind and decorate with items that will remind you of home.

6. Show off your School Pride

College sports, whether an athlete or fan, often play a large role in the college experience. Becoming a fan and showing off your school spirit can be an excellent way to build a community while on your new collegiate adventure.  Even if you’re not a sports fan, taking pride in your college will make it feel more like home and remind yourself that you’ve made the right choice. Go Bison!


Ready to start shopping for your dorm decor? Turn your dorm room into your college home today!

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