Progress of the Pines Wedding and Event Center

The Grain Designs team is testing the limits of “spreading yourselves thin.” In the most perfect example of being unable to pass up a good opportunity, the Grain Designs team has found themselves knee deep in responsibilities this summer. By purchasing a farm property, opening a new retail store, and developing The Pines Wedding and Event Center all within a two-month span, you can imagine we have spread ourselves pretty thin.  Although being extra busy can be stressful and free time thieving, it quickly becomes the new norm. The excitement about the upcoming projects and events quickly takes over.  We are so excited to introduce our new wedding venue to the people of Fargo. Grain Designs Co-owner, Pat Bresnahan, and his fiancé, Nicolette Berge, will be the first the wed. The wedding is less than 3 months away! Here are some construction updates and more on what The Pines has to offer.

Construction Updates

At the time of writing this, the footings have been poured and backfilled, the concrete slab has been poured and is currently curing. The building of the structure is fast approaching!  Updates around the yard and house have been ongoing as well. Including landscaping, clearing dead trees, refinishing the decks, and re-painting the exterior and interior of the house.  (More pictures to come at the time of Pat and Nicolette’s wedding!)

An Extension of GD

One of the main goals of The Pines is to let our clients and the community know that this is an extension of Grain Designs. We plan to provide the same dedication to quality that we have through our furniture over the years. That commitment to the highest quality not only applies to the building structures and beauty of the property, but also to the relationships and expectations that we have with our clients and guests.

Speaking on the idea of The Pines being an extension of Grain Designs, we are also including as many Grain Designs products and fixtures on the property as we can.  The dining tables in the venue will all be GD originals. The head table will be a one of a kind Grain table as well. Additionally, the Grain Designs team will build a pergola that each couple can get married under.  The wedding couple will then have the option to have that exact pergola deconstructed and then rebuilt into a bedframe or dining table for their personal use. How special is that?!


A commonly asked question that we have been receiving so far has been the topic of transportation to and from The Pines to Fargo.  We are in discussions with multiple shuttle services in town. The wedding couple will have the option to provide shuttles to and from The Pines as well. Being only roughly 6-7 miles from southwest Fargo, Uber has been used to pick up and drop off from The Pines as well.


We are also excited to announce that we have teamed up with Chefs Table catering to provide the meals for all of our events.  Chefs Table provides some of the best-catered meals in the area. They are especially known for working with their clients to create a menu that fits your taste, budget, and style.

We hope this provides a little more insight into The Pines! We would love to answer any questions people may have about The Pines. Feel free to write any questions you may have in the comments section of this post!

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