Build Your Own – We designed it. You build it.

by Blain Mikkonen

We’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from the blog world but it has been with good reason. Or at least good excuses.  To those of you that love what we do and follow us anxiously awaiting the next blog post, I apologize.  To others who read or follow the Grain Designs team to keep tabs on our blog shenanigans and work antics, the hiatus has probably been a blessing in disguise… for that you’re welcome.

Summer has been packed with events and activities, most of which we just can’t resist to part take in.  I’ll outline some of our spring/summer events, happenings, and other upcoming events in next weeks blog post or maybe we’ll have Pat show-off the Grain Designs mascots (his beloved shop pets).  In other news… we’ve been working on some new and exciting products that we just can’t wait to share with you.  Rather than work chronologically and share the events and happenings over the past few months, I’m going to jump right to the excitement and introduce to you our newest product line!

2016_05 BYO_Logo_Bottom_Dark

The B.Y.O. – Build Your Own – products were inspired by and designed for creatives, craftsman, and do-it-yourselfers, just like you, that we work and collaborate with everyday.  You may be asking… why would I want to build my own decor?  Let me elaborate a bit.

At Grain Designs, we design and build furniture and home decor and each piece we create has a story to share.  Before a dining table, it was a warehouse floor or before a sliding door it was a barn’s siding.  The character and history expressed by each piece we create is what makes Grain Design’s products unique as each piece is carefully crafted to become meaningful art.  We think this is a pretty cool concept and sharing the story is something we’re passionate about.  We’ve expanded on this idea to make the process a little more accessible.  These new products are designed so that meaningful art can be created by YOU and for YOU.

Build Your Own Grain Designs Products Hero
Now, imagine a piece of wall decor crafted from your family’s old barn or repurposing wood from the old lake cabin into a keepsake for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.  Even better, imagine that you brought your family together to collaborate in the process of creating an object for your home that you can all be proud of.  This process of creating a memory and curating history is what inspired us to create the B.Y.O. line.

We feel there is no better way to decorate your home than with meaningful art and decor, and the easiest way to do that is to make it personal.  The Build Your Own line provides the parts and instructions necessary so that novices and seasoned craftsmen alike can build your own cost-effective decor with minimal or basic tools/equipment.  For each product, you provide your own wood, and our steel parts to create your own personalized decor.

Wether you use a piece of wood reclaimed from your family farm, lake cabin, or maybe even purchase a piece of lumber from your local hardware store; these products are designed to be a reflection of you and your style. Paint, stain, or seal the wood as you wish to accomplish the finish style you desire.  Once the wood is prepped, simply attach our steel parts with the provided hardware and the result is a functional piece of decor that YOU created.

Below I’ve outlined a peek at three Build Your Own products that are available for pre-order here.

Build Your Own Wine Rack Sample Photo

The B.Y.O. Wine Rack is an ideal wedding gift.  With this do it yourself kit you can craft a unique and meaningful wine rack that adds a functional statement piece to any interior. We’ll send you the wine rack steel parts, the screws, and the easy-to-follow instructions – you create your very own wine storage masterpiece.

Build Your Own Serving Tray Sample Photo2
The B.Y.O. Serving Tray is great whether your gathering place is the dining room or the living room. The serving tray may be the perfect conversation piece for the table in the room.  You provide the wood and we’ll do the rest.  Tray handles, hardware, and instructions will be provided for a quick and fun evening project.

Build Your Own Coat Rack Sample Photo

Finally, the B.Y.O. Coat Rack just might be the essential weekend project you’ve been seeking to do with the kids?  With your piece of wood, a few standard tools and our steel coat rack and hardware, you can create a place to hang your keys, jacket, and personal items that is an expression of the entire family. 

This concept is so new that we haven’t even polished up the final details for packaging quite yet, but we couldn’t wait to share.  We’ve made the products available for pre-order at our online store and plan to wrap up the final details soon and begin shipping.  In the following weeks we’ll be introducing each product on the blog with more detailed step by step instructions that will allow you to Build Your Own meaningful decor.

We hope this new line finds you inspired and ready to create!  In the meantime I must change my focus back to our ongoing client projects!   We’ll talk again soon… sooner rather than later this time and maybe, just maybe, Pat will show off the zoo he is keeping around here.


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