Where We Work

FALL 2013

The progression of our studio space is a visual understanding of our dreams for gd and where we started. Our first shop was in a two-stall garage apartment garage of GD partner Blain Mikkonen.  No heat, no air, but here the dream was started

Grain Designs first shop


From there we grew into our first “OFFICIAL” address as Grain Designs in West Fargo complete with a custom reclaimed basketball hoop, pull-up bar, and our first office

Grant Blain Phil Grain Designs Shop


In 2014 we had the opportunity to expand our operations and rent a farm shop southwest of Fargo . This was the perfect rural location with room to grow, and hit golf balls around the yard.  I guess you could call this location Grain Designs world headquarters; internally we called it “The Pines” to differentiate the property from our other shop location. 



We took on more expansion in 2018 with the addition of a Fargo furniture showroom, Grain Designs Home + Office. Our first permanent showroom allows customers to view and shop furniture, review wood or metal finish samples, or shop our line of custom signs and home decor products. The Fargo home and office furniture showroom also has a design/build center to explore and design your custom project with our in house design team. 3265 45th St. S Fargo, ND


FALL 2018

In addition to expanding the Grain Designs brand we made ‘The Pines’ our permanent home and purchased the entire property! With this purchase we added capacity for growth and started a new venture, The Pines Weddings & Events


JUNE 2022

With the new shared property of GD/Pines, there was lots of under utilized acreage that we were wanting to take advantage of. With a proof of concept and 3 awards for Best Wedding Venue in the valley under our belt. We broke ground on the newest building on property, Pines Black. Construction completed in June of 2022 and with it 2 more Best Wedding Venue awards have followed.


Now, after 10 years on property, this is how the property sits… for now. Ideas area always floating on how we can best use the space we have and how it can be expanded or improved. Stay tuned because who knows what might come next!


Eye Care Retail Store Build-Out

Starting with client-provided inspiration photos, the Grain Designs team collaborrated with interior design firm Trever Hill Design to create distinguished and distinct display areas custom-built to showcase Aspire Optical’s products. Client provided a collection of inspiration photos that would create distinguished display areas with-in the store. Working closely with the client, we set out to create an attractive and functional space for customers to shop for eyewear. Together, we built it.

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Combining Aesthetics and Functionality to Elevate Clothing Retail Experience

After building-out three locations for Violet Rowe’s sister company, Leela & Lavendar, the Grain Designs team was given the objective of designing and building a space where aesthetics and functionality come together seamlessly. With the requirement of creating furniture and fixtures that offer great retail visibility while simultaneously elevating the brand image, we worked closely with this retailer to bring their vision to life. Together, we built it.

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Historic Wood Meets Contemporary Design for Financial Advisors

When NorthStar Financial approached the Grain Designs team to create a unique, memorable, and interesting space that goes beyond the standard financial office design, we knew this project was a good fit for our team. With the added requirement of designing and building desks and workstations to fit the individual needs of each user, together we built it.

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A Financial Office that Stands Out From the Rest

When Premier Wealth Management prepared for their move to a new office, they had one primary vision: Create an inviting and comfortable space that stands out from the traditional norm of financial advisor offices. Working closely with their team to create custom furniture and signage solutions to fit their space, together we built it.

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