7 Reasons To Buy Furniture Made From Reclaimed Wood

When you add a new piece of furniture to your home or office, you want a product that will not only fulfill its main purpose but also bring added benefits to your environment. For this reason, you may want to try adding a piece of reclaimed wood furniture to your property. Read below for seven reasons to buy furniture made from reclaimed wood that will make you glad you did.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

One reason that you should buy reclaimed wood furniture is that it is a more sustainable option than a completely new item. By buying an item made of reclaimed wood, you are helping prevent manufacturers from cutting down young, healthy trees and using energy and resources to process and treat the lumber.

Additionally, the manufacturers often must use lumber from several trees to construct a single piece of brand-new furniture or an item that uses composite. Your purchase will help reduce the number of trees that manufacturers cut down and slow down the effects of deforestation.

Your product will consist only of previously used, older wood that will enjoy a new life in your space. Your purchase also helps keep this older wood from ending up in a landfill, where it would become added waste.

Buying reclaimed wood furniture will also help lower the consumption of transportation fuels used in the manufacturing process. So, by buying from reclaimed wood furniture makers, you will not only have the satisfaction of getting a quality item, but you will also be proud that you helped the environment.

Superior Durability

Another reason to buy furniture made from reclaimed wood is that the material has a superior level of durability. It may be a surprise to learn that reclaimed wood can be a stronger and harder material than fresh lumber. Manufacturers often repurpose wood that comes from structures such as old barns or houses that originally utilized old-growth timber.

Because the old wood had a long time to grow before harvesting, it became even stronger, which only adds to the durability of your product. In addition, manufacturers often dry and treat the wood over time, making it stronger and preventing it from easily shrinking or warping.

However, this does not mean that your furniture will be indestructible; you will need to make sure that you properly maintain your wood furniture. But by doing so, you will gain a significant advantage with its toughness. The furniture’s durability will prevent it from breaking easily and keep it lasting longer.

A Vast History

When you buy a piece of reclaimed wood furniture, you are not just purchasing a fixture to set things on but also a piece of history. Manufacturers reuse materials from older structures and will leave characteristics in the wood that reflect its past.

These may include features such as nail holes, knots, or other markings that help tell the wood’s story. These markings may also show the toll that Mother Nature took upon it with her various forces, including the sun, rain, and snow. You will be playing a part in preserving history with the addition of this furniture in your home or office.

Access to Rare Resources

Buying reclaimed furniture also gives you access to rare resources that are protected, endangered, or even extinct. As mentioned earlier, the furniture often features old-growth wood, which took centuries to mature, adding to its strength.

For example, some reclaimed products use wood made from American Chestnut trees, which 18th- and 19th-century manufacturers often used. A blight killed many of these trees in the 1900s, and they are now considered endangered. However, you can legally and ethically access the wood again with this furniture.

A Natural and Unique Beauty

Reclaimed wood furniture also allows you to add character to your space, thanks to the natural, rugged beauty of the source material. Because the wood comes from old-growth trees, you can bring your love of the outdoors inside and make your home feel more like the cabin or country house that you may have dreamed of having.

However, do not worry about bringing unwanted pests or contamination into your space with the furniture. Because you will purchase it from a reliable provider, it will arrive at your home or office free of any insects, chemicals, or decay you may have been afraid of bringing inside. Instead, you can bring the feeling of the outdoors into your living room without leaving your home.

Reclaimed wood furniture also offers a level of uniqueness you may not have expected. Since no piece of reclaimed wood is like another, your product will be like no other. It will add another element of character to your space, enhancing its appeal and drawing the eyes of any guests you have over.

An Adaptable Option

Another advantage of buying reclaimed wood furniture is that you can easily adapt it to the style of your home or office. If the color of the furniture piece does not fit in well with the rest of your decor, you have options to change it, including repainting or refinishing it to your satisfaction.

You can also combine wood furniture with other materials so that it fits into your space better, such as metal, plastic, or fabric. There are many ways you can change wood furniture so it fits better into your space and feels more like a natural addition.

A Conversation Starter

Finally, the addition of a reclaimed wood furniture piece is a great conversation starter at your next gathering. When your guests notice it in your home or office, they won’t be able to resist asking you about it, its features, and where it came from.

Their questions will give you the opportunity to impress them with facts about its history and tell them where they can buy one of their own. The conversation at your next party or event will stay lively and interesting instead of becoming dull.

Adding a piece of reclaimed wood furniture is a great way to improve and add value to your space aesthetically. If you are looking for quality reclaimed products for your residence or business, contact us at Grain Designs. We are ready to help you enhance your surroundings.

7 Reasons To Buy Furniture Made From Reclaimed Wood

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