Wood Reception Desk

While job descriptions and desk size requirements will vary from industry to industry, one position that remains relatively consistent is that of the receptionist. This is the person that helps hold the whole office together while also greeting people at the door and creating a good first impression.

While the person you hire for the role will greatly determine how well this goes, the desk you provide them with will make a huge difference as well. They need something big enough to store all the things they need to perform their job effectively while also looking impressive enough to cement that first impression to clients and new hires.

While standard L-shaped and U-shaped desks might do the trick, nothing will work quite as well as a specialized custom reception desk. Being able to control the look and feel of this desk will ensure that it does exactly what you need it to do.

Lucky for you, here at Grain Designs, we’re the pros when it comes to custom wood reception desks. We’ve made tons of them for our past customers, and we’ll make many more in the years to come. We use this site to show off our past creations, which will not only show you how good our products are but also help you figure out what you may want for your new reception desk.

If you already have a design in mind, we can work with that too. No matter how you envision your company’s next wood office reception desk, the team here at Grain Designs will be able to turn it into a reality. Contact us today to figure out the next steps on how to share your design ideas with us and get your desk creation underway.

Once we’ve completed your new wood reception desk, we’ll have our white glove service team send it to your office and set it up for you to ensure everything is to your liking. We want to make sure all our products exceed each of our customers’ expectations.

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Designing and building your custom hardwood office furniture with our team is as simple or involved as you’d like it to be. Our architecturally trained designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure a simple, stress-free process from timber to table.


Your home, your family, your size. We’ll create a table that is a perfect fit for your space. Our team will help you identify a unique size for your custom wood dining table that meets your specific needs, requirements, and constraints.


Each custom wood kitchen table is expressive, full of history, and has a story to tell; the story from its life as a former element of a barn, warehouse, or other building. The result is a truly irreplicable piece overflowing with GD character.


No two people are the same, that’s why no two products we make are the same.
Our architecturally-trained designers look forward to working with you to build the piece that fits you.


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Co-Founder | Co-Owner | Designer

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Project Manager | Lead Designer