How to Measure for a Sliding Barn Door

How to Measure for a Sliding Barn Door


A sliding barn door seems like a door with simple and self explanatory function.  No sweat right?

The function of the sliding door is relatively straightforward.  However, the planning and considerations that precede a barn door are a bit more challenging to ensure that the door functions properly and looks good aesthetically once it is hung.  Prior to putting a sliding barn door in your home there are multiple factors to consider.  Many of these considerations are covered in another post here: Intro to Sliding Barn Doors.

Once you’ve narrowed your selections it is time to measure for your sliding barn door. Here is the most simple and straight forward guide but if you still have questions – the rest of the blog post covers how to measure for a sliding barn in detail.

What’s Next?

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Need more explanation? Casing or No Casing… That is the question?

First you need to determine whether or not there is casing (often referred to as trim) around your opening or if it is simply a sheetrocked door opening.  This is the most important detail to get started as it will affect the size of your barn door.  It is possible that your opening has been sheetrocked all the way around and does not have a jamb or casing.  This is very common in new construction. Below are a couple images of each instance that illustrate the difference between a sheetrocked or cased opening.

Sheetrocked Openings

How do I measure for my sliding barn door?

Now we’re ready to pull out the tape measure.  Below are a few guidelines and graphics to help you measure for your barn door.  First we’ll cover openings with casing.  If your door is sheetrock only you can slide down the page to the sheetrocked opening section!

Trimmed or Cased Opening

  1. Width: In instances where casing is present we recommend building the door to the same size as the opening + casing.  Measure from the outside of the casing to the outside of the casing for the door width.  (In this example the total width is 38″).
  2. Height: For the door height we recommend measuring from the floor to the top of the casing.  (In this example the total height is 83″)

When closed (over the opening) the door will cover all of the casing for a cohesive look.  The graphic below simulated a door over the opening.

**TIP: In order to slide, we recommend mounting the door 1″ above the finished floor.  This will ensure you have room to mount a door guide under the door without friction issues.


Sheetrocked Opening (No Trim or Casing)

  1. Width: Measure from inside to inside of the opening. Add 4″ to the measurement and you have your recommended door width.   (In this example the opening width is 32″ +4″).  Total door width will be 36″

Why add 4″? The door will need to hang off the wall a couple of inches in order to slide.  As a result, the door must be wider than the opening to eliminate sightlines from angles around the opening.  In the example above involving casing, the casing already ‘frames’ the door and adds 4-6 inches of width to the door that will generously cover the opening.  For sheetrocked openings you want to add the extra door width to accomplish the same result.

2. For the door height we recommend measuring from the floor to the top of the opening.  (In this example the total height is 80″)

Once mounted the door will hang ~1″ off the floor which will add the bit of coverage you need at the top of the opening.

**TIP: Once you’ve established your desired door size.  Double check to make sure you still have enough space for the full door to slide out of the way.

Depending on the style of the door, don’t forget to note which way your new sliding barn door will slide.  This may affect how the door is built as well as the handle location.

How do I order a door for my home or business?

  1. The first step is to use the photos and measuring tips outlined in this post to get started, feel free to visit our portfolio of sliding doors for more inspiration.
  2. Next, jump over to our custom orders page and tell us about your project.  The most important details to include will be opening dimensions, which door application you have in mind, and maybe even a photo or two of the space.  Our custom orders page has a place to attach your photos.  Once we have the details we’ll circle back with an email and some pricing.  This is the most efficient way to get in contact to ensure we have all your project details in one place.
  3. Once the details are finalized we’ll handle the dirty work and then circle back when your door is ready.  We also offer installation and will handle as much of the project as you find necessary.

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