Crank Tables ‘Elevate’ Social Spaces

by Grant Koenig


“I need a pair of timeless 12′ tables that can be adjusted to both 30″ and 42″ in height, they need to be mobile, and they need to be able to adapt to fit different events and social gatherings.”

This was the wishlist that the owner of Abovo approached us with for their new space.  With furrowed brows and a quick gaze in thought Blain and I responded to the client…”we can make that happen.” Now typically we would have a little better idea of how we were going to ‘make that happen’ before responding but in this case we decided to jump in feet first without really having a plan in place. In most cases a plan is something we like to have established ahead of time but we have come to realize that when we get in over our heads we are forced to really learn and push our abilities (sometimes reluctantly, usually with unsavory word choices). The project featured below was exactly that and I will try and let the pictures do most of the talking here. 

The tables were designed for a newly established marketing company called Abovo. Abovo recently took over what once was Jade Presents office in downtown Fargo and also took over half of the Ecce Art Gallery space. The plan for the gallery is to create a space to host all types of events, social gatherings and parties but they needed pieces of furniture that could adapt to meet those various needs.

For the adjustable height feature of the table we choose to go with a screw jack system that we linked end to end which allows the table to raise and lower with a simple hand crank on one end.

With the weight of the 12′ table we had to make sure it would be stable so we added a sliding stabilizer bar that could be tightened by hand after the desired table height was reached.

Mocking up the bases before fitting up the table tops.

The tops were glued up in two parts with the center being left open to allow for the steel trough. The steel trough was an added feature of the tables that would serve multiple purposes. The trough can be used as a cooler with ice and drinks and can be easily cleaned and drained with the plug that we fit up in the center. It can also be used as a place for planted flowers or other decor centerpieces depending on the event. If the trough does not need to be used we also provided flush mounted steel plates that cover the opening making the table a solid surface.

Pat putting his magic touch on the tops with the low sheen, commercial polyurethane finish.

The marketing team at Abovo also requested that we include a latin saying that instills the values of their company and their name. When translated it means ‘From Beginning to End’.

First table top installed.

Working the kinks out with the crank. Before getting everything finished up.

After a very careful trailer ride the tables finally reached their destination.

With months in the design and build process we couldn’t be happier with the way the tables turned out. We are excited to see them being put to use and are eagerly awaiting the next ‘We can make that happen’ moment.


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