GD Home Feature: DIY Home Projects & Renovations

Last spring, Grant and his girlfriend Rebekah, closed on their first home in Horace, ND. With Rebekah having some experience working in Home Design and Grant having experience in furniture design and spatial build out, these two collaboratively put several ideas together to undergo a complete flip of their new home. 

Having visited the home only once prior to closing, they created a “priority” list for their projects and anxiously awaited the arrival of their closing date.  On April 30th, 2019 they closed at 8:30 am and wasted no time getting started on these projects. By 9:30 am, they were in the house and their kitchen had been quite literally, taken apart.

Fortunately, these two have similar tastes, so picking and agreeing upon finishes was the easy part. The couple had some pretty elaborate design ideas in mind and the biggest challenge would be bringing these visions to life. One of these big ideas that Grant had, was the entryway. With an office right off the main entry the couple wanted to open up the space to the living room while maintaining some visual separation. They decided to completely demolish the closet and reframe a knee wall where the closet once was. This provided space for a custom window concept that the couple wanted to incorporate. Grant ordered the steel/glass components needed, welded the posts and set the new widow in place. Rebekah painted the office and started to gather a layout. Wanting to add shiplap to wrap what was left of the walls separating the two rooms, they made yet another trip to Menards gathering supplies. 

The more time Grant and Becky spent in their home working on projects, the bigger the renovation became. They ended removing all the vinyl floor coverings and relaid laminate flooring throughout the kitchen, living and dining room. They also painted the entire interior including the crown molding and kitchen cabinets, and replaced all the base, trim, and doors.

While all the cosmetic projects were well underway, the furniture pieces came next. Luckily, Grant has a little experience in that! Pieces that were built in the Grain Designs shop included the coffee table, floating shelves for the kitchen, dining table, shiplap for the front of the peninsula, the headboard, side tables, custom range hood and more!

The couple see’s the home as a constant work in progress and they have winter plans to add a kitchen island, a mobile bar station, a timber along the ceiling and a few other ideas still in the design phase.

While these two have already spent many late nights, early mornings and weekends making this house the home they had visioned, they still have some big plans in the books! Stay tuned for another huge undertaking these two are about to tackle when the weather warms up, the exterior of the home! 

See below for a few more images taken during their renovation!

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