The Grain Designs Furniture and Mercantile Wedding Gift Guide

If you’re an avid follower of our blog series, you might be wondering why we are writing another wedding gift blog. The truth is we are simply so excited about the opening of the retail store we wanted to show off some of our new products that weren’t available when our last gift guide was written- wedding season is in full swing!

A lot of people find that choosing something off a registry is un-original and underwhelming. Finding that perfect wedding gift at the right price challenging and frustrating. Here is the list to help!

This is the ultimate Grain Designs Furniture and Mercantile Wedding Gift Guide for 2018. We carry a plethora of unique gift items at any price range that appeals to both brides and grooms alike. We’ve all got busy schedules and wedding gifts can be hard to get with our full lives and obligations! All of the items below are in stock at our store. We will get something together and get you the door on the way to the wedding!

State Pride

State pride is huge these days and we have a few different items that convey this message. Choose between all 50 states in this small flange sign. This sign can be either a reminder of the “home” state they came from,  or gift this to couples moving to a new state as a welcome to their new “home”. $25.

If you enjoy the state pride but prefer a larger item, we also have larger state signs. These are mounted on a wood back.  The positive cutout state sign is 16×24” and retails for $99, and the negative cutout is 20×28” and retails for $179.  ND, MN, WI, and SD are in stock. All other states need about a 4-6 week lead time for production.

Planters & Vases

Often used as a sign of new life and growth as a young couple, a plant can be a fun and beautiful wedding gift in a new home. We have a few different planters/vases/cachepots that pair great with a live plant or succulent.  GD Planter box $49, cachepot sm. $12, Cachepot Lg. $35, White planter $35, Rock planter $35


A high-quality blanket may not necessarily be the first thing on the budget priority list for a young couple, however, there is no possible chance one of these blankets will go unused or unappreciated when received as a gift. Perfect for a picnic or a gloomy reading day, these Faribault, MN made blankets are perfect for snuggling with your new spouse on any cold Midwest occasion. $80-$180 depending on size and style.

Cutting Boards + Cheeseboards

Kitchen related gifts are a great promotion of working together as a team, community, and friendship.  These serving trays and cutting boards are a great addition to your next family event or hosting a party for friends! Wooden Cheeseboard $69, Cutting board $79, Marble cheese tray/cutting board $47-$72.


Here’s one for the eco-friendly couple who also enjoys a good beer and smelling nice at the same time! The Damn Handsome products are a hit with nearly everyone they come in contact with. Made from the recycled hops and grains from a brewery, these candles and soaps are a great gift for all those beautiful brides and grooms out there.  Bar soap $9, pump soap $14, Candles $18.

Custom Furniture

Finally, for those with a higher budget, or oftentimes a great gift to split the cost with a couple friends, a custom coffee table or set of end tables is an awesome surprise and addition to a couple’s new home. You can either purchase one of the many options we have off the floor or buy a gift card for the amount of the table. This allows the bride and groom to come in an choose their own favorite themselves!

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