Things To Know Before Ordering a Custom Dining Table

Even though many families tend to eat in front of the TV, the dining room table is still central to every home. Whether you’re eating a holiday meal or have family visiting from out of town, having a table large enough to fit everyone and everything is a must. That’s why you need to know a few things before you order your own custom dining table. That way, you can ensure it is the perfect fit for your home.

How Many People Will Sit at the Table

When creating your own custom wood dining table, the first thing to consider is how many people will use it regularly. More often than not, your immediate family will use this table. That means, at the very least, it needs to be large enough to seat them.

If you entertain guests often, you should put together a table to accommodate them as well. Determine how many people typically visit you at once and craft a table according to that group size. If you only host guests on occasion, it might be better to build a table that utilizes a leaf or two. That way, the table isn’t too large for your family during everyday use.

How Much Room You Have To Work With

Of course, the number of people doesn’t matter if you don’t have a room large enough to fit them all. That’s why another thing you need to consider before buying a custom dining table is the space you’re working with when determining the size you need. Be sure to take careful measurements to ensure the table you choose fits your space.

Also, depending on the shape of your room, you could alter the structure of your table to make it fit better. If you have a long dining room, creating a lengthy table will help you maximize the space available. If your room is a bit smaller, a square or circular table will fit nicely.

How Often You’ll Need To Move the Table

Some dining rooms have to share their space with another room. In many homes, it will share this space with either the living room or the kitchen. In either case, there may be instances when you need to move the dining table to make room for other activities. If this is something that you plan on doing frequently, you’ll need to make sure your table is light enough to move easily.

Weight typically comes down to the materials used. Stone, glass, and most metals are heavy when used to craft tables. Plastics are much lighter but also not as strong. Wood offers a good middle ground with many variations to choose from that vary in weight-to-strength ratios.

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